Bespoke Packaging

Are you looking for Boxes, Gift Bags, Stationery Wallets, Gift Wrap Sheets, Favours (and more!) which are personalised for your Company or Wedding/ Special Occasion? If you want any bespoke products made using fair and ethically sourced lokta paper then you have come to the right place!

Our beautiful lokta paper can be used to create stunning Bespoke items which can also have clear and crisp screen printing of Company logo/branding or perhaps the Bride and Grooms names and marriage date etc.

Lead time is approximately 8 weeks, so please contact us in plenty of time to arrange artwork/colours/designs with you ~ we want to ensure you have the perfect bespoke packaging and accessories. Our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is really low too at just 100 pieces!

  • Stationery Wallets - Branded for promotional leaflets and quotation
  • Jewellery Boxes - Any size/shape can be made
  • Compartmental Boxes - Also any size and shape
  • Gift Bags - Screen printed with your company branding/URL etc in any colour/size
  • DVD cases - Perfect for photographers
  • Screen printed A4 company stationery
  • Legal and standard sized envelopes - screen printed
  • Gift Wrap - We can produce your own unique range of gift wrap for company marketing/promotional use

Arka Original FuneralsArka Original FuneralsSmall Handmade Box with Flap Lid and Wood Closure - ClosedHandmade Screen Printed Box with Folding LidHandmade Multi Compartment Box Handmade Box with Separate Lid - BrownHandmade Box with Separate Lid - OrangePink Heart Shaped Box, Screen Printed with Separate LidLilac Heart Shaped Box, Screen Printed with Separate LidSmall Handmade Box with Separate LidRed handmade Box with LidScreen Printed Branding on a Lilac Box with separate Lid